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This is Figaro. He found his way into our garage at just weeks old. Mew.. We were not in the market for a cat. Definitely not a kitten. But my heart melted when he started purring as soon as I picked him up.

We shewed him out. No more cats, my husband said. We have a fluffy gray cat named Primrose. I always said (jokingly) that she needed a younger sibling to play with.

The next morning, there he was. Mew-ing on the tire of Rick's truck. We both knew that he'd either end up a sqiushed pancake or turkey vulture food. Sooo....the male kitten that we didn't want as a younger sibling is now my best helper. Whether I want him to or not.

I have to, once in awhile, fish an earring out of his water bowl.

Primrose now gets all the exercise and mental stimulation that she didn't know she needed.

They are friends, kinda.

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